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You've heard our voices and music-on-hold at over 200 Fortune 500 companies and thousands of smaller firms since 1984.

Using one consistent and professional voice throughout your platform/s, your Marketing Messages voice prompts help Voice Brand™ your IVR applications.

Marketing Messages®, The First Impression People® since 1984, creates PromptsPlus® voice prompts for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems/VRUs (Voice Response Systems).

Hear a sample IVR prompt

Voice prompts for dealer or store locators and other phone messages are in a clear, professional voice that helps build your company image and brand. All prompts are 100% ready to copy into your IVR application: they are validated, then edited (we remove all breaths and pauses), named with your file names, and formatted for your system. We save all your preferences, so future updates are simple: just email us a script and we do the rest.

We support all VoIP and conventional systems, and electronically deliver WAV, VOX, MP3, GSM, etc. files.

Do you need bilingual voice prompts like these?

Do you need multilingual voice prompts like these?

Need a Britishor Australian accent? How about Spanish, Japanese or Chinese? French, Finnish or Flemish ... you name it.

We translate and record in over 50 languages.

Our translators are certified by the American Translators Association (ATA). They are skilled in telecom, and they use Trados and other Translation Memory software to ensure consistency, both within the documents and in translating new documents subsequently.

Do you like the voice that comes with your IVR? Use the same voice for your custom IVR voice prompts.

Our customers are our best salespeople. See what they said about us.

Not just voice prompts ... Marketing Messages®!

Why record professionally?

  • Make a great "first impression" with a great voice talent, highly experienced in IVR work.
  • Get that unmistakable studio sound instead of recording through a handset.
  • Make your IVR applications sound confident and credible, with no regional accent.
  • Hear your voice prompts concatenate seamlessly into sentences.
  • Talent guarantee means no more multiple voices when one of your employees leaves.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee.
  • IVR prompt recording and translations in over 50 languages by native speakers.
  • Save time and money recording your voice prompts.
  • All prompts are validated, edited, named & formatted. Just copy and play.
  • Get your IVR applications up and running faster, better and cheaper.
  • Correct pronunciation and pacing of all your voice prompts.
  • Long term stability, with telephony experience since 1984.
  • Significant experience in dealer and store locator applications, for companies like Sony, Timberland, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dick's Sporting Goods and other major firms.
  • All file formats (WAV, VOX, MP3, GSM, etc.) delivered electronically
  • Know your costs: we price by the prompt, not by the hour or recording session. No session fees.
  • We agree on and then meet all deadlines.
  • Free, secure lifetime archive of all customer voice prompts and scripts.


Customer Surveys

Marketing Messages can create the voice prompts for your Customer Surveys. We translate & record tens of thousands of IVR-based survey questions & responses in over 50 different languages for use throughout the world.

Hear a sample Customer Telephone Survey



Automatic Data Processing (A.D.P.)
“Far too often we only take the time to complain about the service we receive.  It is with great pleasure that I write today to recognize the team at Marketing Messages.  Everyone from sales, voice talents, technical and customer service have continued to exceed my highest expectations.  I have done business with you for over 10 years now and it is always a true delight.  One thing left to say is...THANK YOU!”
- Harriet

Bed Bath & Beyond
"I would like to thank you and your staff for a great job with our ACD Announcements. I greatly appreciate your fast response to our urgent request. It is a great pleasure dealing with you!"
- Katherine

"I just got your voicemail. We are wonderfully pleased with both sets of voice prompts that Marketing Messages produced for us. They sound great and work just fine in our application. Jim and I did exchange a couple of emails last week, and Jim was very quick to post the second set of recordings. Thanks again for the professional and prompt prompt-service!"
- Chris

Alltel Communications
"We have chosen your company to do our prompts based on our past experience with you and the quality that you provide. Our corporate personnel wanted us to do a cost analysis of why we chose you over the other recording company that was used by our wireless IVR group.  We analyzed the cost and quality of the other company and analyzed three other companies as well. Our feelings are that the other companies did not meet our prompt recording requirements at a fair market price."

Central Ohio Hospitals
"Just wanted to let you know that I just put the auto attendant voice files in place and they sound awesome. We're so happy that we have nice professional voice prompts at such a great price. I wish we knew about you guys sooner!"
- Nick

EMC Corporation
"Dan, Richard, I loaded the prompts into the Aspect. They sound terrific! Thanks."
- Hank

Flying J Communications
"We've had great feedback to the voice prompts. Thank you! I also, very much appreciated you getting the Spanish prompts to us earlier than we expected. We've been testing our new IVR system since yesterday and everyone who has used it thus far have had great things to say about it. So thank you. Please stay in touch; we don't have any additional needs now, but we certainly will in the future. Thanks again."
- Kerri

"The word from our business unit is...."We Love them (the voice prompts)!!"
"Thanks for assisting us with this and in such a timely fashion! I'm very glad I stumbled on your website! And more French prompts are coming your way.
Thanks a bunch!!"

- MaryBeth

HTI Voice Solutions
"We LOVE Claudia and always recommend her first for everything Spanish we do. We've got another studio we were using prior to us finding you guys that we use only occasionally when we need an extra voice. Reliability is VERY important to us and you guys always provide that. We don't order English voice prompts from anyone else but you. In fact, you'll get a preliminary order for us today for a complete overhaul on our internal dialer. Thanks for your continued professionalism. "
- Risa

Lucent Technologies (now Alcatel-Lucent)
"Your people have been very good, very fast, and very patient. I appreciate with passion your style of business."
- Ed

VoicePad, Inc.
"Claudia has done a fantastic job on our Spanish voice prompts. She accommodates the different variations of Spanish dialects with ease. Marketing Messages has "top notch" quality while being extremely easy to work with. Let me assure you that this is not always the case. Who knows.......Mandarin voice prompts may be next! Keep up the good work!"
- Randy